Intuvo is our Twelfth Man…

“Intuvo is our twelfth man…” Football fan and Director of Retail Loan Originations at Wright-Patt Credit Union, Dave Von Derau shared his thoughts with us on setting customer expectations. “Another campaign that’s shown success is designed around new applications, both re-finance and purchases,” Dave informed us. “The campaign gave us the opportunity to describe the mortgage process to members step by step and establish clear expectations for the timeline of their loan. It’s triggered as soon as an application is taken. An auto email goes out. If it is a purchase, one template specifically designed for that purpose, is sent. For a re-finance, we have a different email. It describes, not only the process, but the member’s steps along the way. Step one is this, step two is that, etc. Here is what you can expect at each point in the process. This is what you need to bring to the closing and what it’s all going to cost. This is a sneak preview, and when they read through it they aren’t surprised when they don’t hear from us on a weekly basis for 30 days.”

“Setting expectations in our crazy market where turnaround times are long and making sure that members feel like they have a personal connection with the Loan Officer and the Lending Institution are basic problems that many lenders are trying to solve. Trying to reduce the amount of inbound calls that your Loan Officers get, yet conveying the understanding that somebody’s personally following up on the member’s application presents additional challenges.”

Dave further enlightened us regarding the perceptions of credit union members, “It’s really important to help members understand that credit unions play by the same lending rules as the larger banks. They sometime believe that because they have their credit union card in their wallet, it means that they’re automatically approved for a loan. This may not necessarily be the case.”

The Intuvo campaign is designed to assist the lender on all of these fronts. While credit unions are able to make more local decisions, their members still have to go through all the steps outlined in the email. Communicating this automatically saves time. It’s like adding additional help to your team.

Dave put it like this, “If you’ll forgive the football analogy, Intuvo is our twelfth man. You help bring our ‘game’ up so that we provide better services to our members without the need to add staff.”

We want to get Intuvo team jerseys with the number 12 on them.