Wright-Patt Credit Union up 25% Year-to-Date

Dave Von Derau, Director of Retail Loan Originations at Wright-Patt Credit Union, took time from his busy schedule to chat with us about how Intuvo has helped make a more significant connection with local realtors and the impact this is having on his purchase business.

In the beginning of 2012, Dave launched an ambitious project, “One of the initiatives that we jumped into was a realtor outreach campaign. We wanted to be able to showcase our expertise in purchase transactions, not only with our members, but at the same time with realtors.” Wright-Patt had an established program that was drawing in 30 – 40 realtors quarterly to their continuing education and home-staging events. Dave wanted to do better.

Dave described how the campaign works, “What we were able to do is work with Intuvo to obtain a realtor list for our target marketing area. From that we were able to sort and select based on area code, county, and other demographics. That allowed us to communicate with all of the licensed real estate agents in our target with various updates. Some of those updates included educational seminars, product announcements and industry updates. Thanks to Intuvo, we’ve been able to run updates on an ongoing basis and as a result, we’ve been able to describe our loan originations team and how they are recognized in the community, demonstrating that Wright-Patt has expertise in this area.“

It is important to Dave that local realtors are aware of Wright-Patt’s understanding of the overall market. “We’ve been able to update them to demonstrate that even though the marketplace has been Refinance heavy in the last twelve months, we still have our eye, and also our priorities, on purchase business. So, we’ve been able to use that as a guiding direction to stay in touch with realtors and we feel like there has been a fair amount of success because of them.”

Perhaps Dave is being modest. The attendance at their events now ranges 50 – 90 realtors and as he told us, “The numbers have continued to grow.” That growth has resulted in a significant rise in sales, “I’ve identified this as a success for 2012. The national average for purchase business for lenders is approximately 15%. Wright-Patt Credit Union is running 34 – 35% year-to-date. “I’ve compared the numbers this year, through today, to last year. We are up 25% and could go higher.”

Dave shared his conclusions regarding this outreach campaign, “I believe one of the reasons for the success of this program is that, through the use of Intuvo, we’ve been able to plant the seed with our realtors that says, ‘Hey, you don’t need to go to the major banks. You could go to Wright-Patt because we’ve got the team, we’ve got the expertise and we’ve got all the local services that will allow you to do that purchase with us.”