Intuvo Welcomes Travis Credit Union

Every once in a while we get to be heroic. One such case involves Travis Credit Union and Brian Pouch, AVP of Real Estate Lending.

Brian came to us with one of those “good problems to have.” He had been experiencing a 300% increase in business for several months and needed a solution to maintain and improve communication with members, “I just knew that we could be doing a better job keeping members informed as to where they were in the loan process. Too often they were calling us because they hadn’t heard anything for a while. We wanted something that was more proactive, that we could push out when we hit the milestones.” Brian’s a very hands-on leader, “I handle the real estate area, and our communications had to be better.” Together with senior management, he explored a variety of solutions including hiring more staff or bringing on temps. But, as he told us, “It’s expensive and requires training.” Not to mention that training takes a significant investment in time. He needed a solution that was cost effective and could be implemented quickly.

Travis Credit Union utilizes the Symphony lending platform provided by Prime Alliance Solutions, which is initially where he heard of Intuvo. “We try to use every service that fits the budget as part of Prime Alliance. We also use Prime Valuations and it’s so important to make everything sync together.” Brian reasoned that by leveraging our automated loan status updates module that easily integrates directly with leading LOS systems, such as Prime Alliance, he could improve their member communication and free up his staff. With this goal in mind, he decided to use our solution. Now, the heroic part. Setting up a CRM or automated marketing platform typically takes 6-9 months. Thanks to Intuvo’s direct partnership with Prime Alliance and Brian’s dedication to solving the problem, we were able to set up a complete solution in less than a month. “Overall it was pretty simple,” Brian told us. He added, “I think your staff did quite a bit as far as setting things up, uploading the logos, pictures and everything that I didn’t have to do, which was very helpful.” When asked how it could have gone differently, Brian told us, “I don’t think I have any suggestion of making it easier… I think it’s obviously a very viable solution, so I would recommend it.”

Of course, the most important aspect of any heroic act is the results. In addition to saving time and significant money by avoiding staffing increases, member communication improved significantly. The implementation of Homebase that we delivered to the Travis Credit Union notifies members with 14 automatic triggers during the loan process. In addition, the module gives the Travis Credit Union the ability to customize the notifications with their branding and images. One of the notifications Travis Credit Union customized was a communication on how to log in and view initial loan disclosures. This was a part of the process that typically generates a lot of calls and requires a lot of the staff’s time to assist members.

Intuvo has reduced these calls significantly. Brian shared a recent quote from one of his loan officers, “I hardly get any calls for status now. A couple of members have responded with a ‘thanks for the update’ kind of email.” Challenge understood, solved and solution implemented by Intuvo.