Consumer Marketing Automation for Lenders

Consumer lending organizations face many marketing challenges, like converting leads to sales and lack of pull through on purchase loans. Overcoming these challenges is important to effectively leverage relationships with members and find opportunities for retention and cross promotion. It can be time-consuming, but we’re here to help.

 We’re excited to announce the development of Consumer Marketing Automation – a new suite of solutions that eliminates the need for time-consuming, complicated lending systems that commonly fail, by replacing them with a ready-to-run system that includes:

  •  LOS & Core integration that connects to credit union’s consumer LOS and core system for powerful, customizable marketing.
  • Member targeting that uses dozens of triggers to automatically send members relevant marketing pieces.
  • Automatic fulfillment of multi-channel communications using your own materials or one of our 40+ pre-written campaigns.
  • Customizable CRM that is easily installed by your credit union or Intuvo’s account management team.

This year, we will unveil an all-new, mobile-friendly user interface that uses new social and mobile communication methods, data integration capabilities and fresh marketing strategies. Stay tuned for more information on Consumer Marketing Automation for Lenders.