The Smarter Way to Eliminate Duplicate Data in Your CRM Database

Duplicates can be scary – just consider the twins from the cult classic movie “The Shining” – the twin girls tease and torment the members of the hotel just as duplicates in your CRM database can lead to some scary situations, such as sending the same person the same email multiple times.

It is important to have a vendor handling the data that can accurately merge, and update, complicated and sensitive client records in the most intelligent way possible. Intuvo’s Pure Data Sync is the key to solving the scary problem of maintaining a healthy database and accurate customer communication, and it starts with seamlessly integrating with your important systems of record:

  • Banking Core System
  • Mortgage Loan Origination Software
  • Consumer Loan Origination Software

With this integration in place, Intuvo’s engine intelligently matches incoming data with existing data by using a complex algorithm to determine a match or unique contact to be added.

It’s important to catch every duplicate so Intuvo’s Pure Data Sync doesn’t stop there. Although this only happens on less than 1% of imports, sometimes a computer just doesn’t have enough data to understand that a human name of ‘Diane,’ although being digitally similar to ‘Dawn,’ is phonetically much different to a human. When this happens, Intuvo will prompt import questions to administrators for any inconsistencies it may not be able to match. This helps reduce any excessive duplication or laggard time for accurate data updates. It is suggested that imports that fall into this threshold be reviewed at least once a week as to ensure all timely borrower communication continues to flow without intervention.

So long to the days of having someone manually remove duplicates from your database. With Intuvo’s Pure Data Sync technology, you have a smarter and quicker way to eliminate those pesky duplicates.

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