Why Marketers Automate Their Marketing Efforts

The goal of any company, no matter the industry, is to attract more customers to its products and services. Marketers in the financial services industry are automating their efforts to achieve consistent branding in the minds of prospects, demonstrate the value of their offerings and be top of mind when they are ready to buy. It’s working.

In a recent survey regarding the current state of marketing automation, Regalix, a Silicon Valley-based customer acquisition firm, asked senior marketing executives about the key benefits they received from marketing automation. Their responses:

  • Increased lead generation: 84%
  • Better prospect/lead insight: 73%
  • Increase in efficiency: 73%
  • Enhanced lead scoring and nurturing: 71%
  • Improved lead quality: 69%

These are attractive benefits that any professional marketer would be pleased to receive from a technique or tactic. How do these marketers know they are receiving these benefits? In the same survey, they revealed the following measurement metrics:

  • Response metrics (i.e., open rate, click-through rate, etc.): 42%
  • Value metrics (i.e., revenue generated, pipeline value): 33%
  • Efficiency metrics (i.e., cost per lead, close rate, conversion rate): 20%
  • Activity metrics (number of emails sent, etc.): 2%

As we’ve seen in other parts of the financial services industry, technology has typically been deployed to automate processes that were previously performed by staff in a manner that was far more costly and time consuming. We’re seeing the same thing happening today in the marketing department with marketing automation.

We wrote about this in a recent article and in a more extensive white paper that is available today on our website.