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Credit Unions Use Intuvo’s Best-in-Class Mortgage Marketing Platform to Increase Mortgage Lending Growth by up to 30%, Reduce Workload and Improve Efficiencies

Intuvo, a leading provider of marketing automation software to the credit union industry, and a division of CU Direct, has entered into new partnership agreements with nine credit unions. As a result of the agreement, the credit unions will be implementing Intuvo’s mortgage automated marketing platform to increase loan volume and member satisfaction. Scotts Valley,…

Intuvo Welcomes Travis Credit Union

In addition to saving time and significant money by avoiding staffing increases, member communication improved significantly. The implementation of Homebase that we delivered to the Travis Credit Union notifies members with 14 automatic triggers during the loan process. In addition, the module gives the Travis Credit Union the ability to customize the notifications with their branding and images. One of the notifications Travis Credit Union customized was a communication on how to log in and view initial loan disclosures. This was a part of the process that typically generates a lot of calls and requires a lot of the staff’s time to assist members. Intuvo has reduced these calls significantly. Brian shared a recent quote from one of his loan officers, “I hardly get any calls for status now. A couple of members have responded with a ‘thanks for the update’ kind of email.” Challenge understood, solved and solution implemented by Intuvo.

Wright-Patt Credit Union up 25% Year-to-Date

The attendance at their events now ranges 50 – 90 realtors and as he told us, “The numbers have continued to grow.” That growth has resulted in a significant rise in sales, “I’ve identified this as a success for 2012. The national average for purchase business for lenders is approximately 15%. Wright-Patt Credit Union is running 34 – 35% year-to-date. “I’ve compared the numbers this year, through today, to last year. We are up 25% and could go higher.” Dave shared his conclusions regarding this outreach campaign, “I believe one of the reasons for the success of this program is that, through the use of Intuvo, we’ve been able to plant the seed with our realtors that says, ‘Hey, you don’t need to go to the major banks. You could go to Wright-Patt because we’ve got the team, we’ve got the expertise and we’ve got all the local services that will allow you to do that purchase with us.”

Intuvo is our Twelfth Man…

“Intuvo is our twelfth man…” Football fan and Director of Retail Loan Originations at Wright-Patt Credit Union, Dave Von Derau shared his thoughts with us on setting customer expectations. “Another campaign that’s shown success is designed around new applications, both re-finance and purchases,” Dave informed us. “The campaign gave us the opportunity to describe the mortgage process to members step by step and establish clear expectations for the timeline of their loan.