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The Smarter Way to Eliminate Duplicate Data in Your CRM Database

Duplicates can be scary – just consider the twins from the cult classic movie “The Shining” – the twin girls tease and torment the members of the hotel just as duplicates in your CRM database can lead to some scary situations, such as sending the same person the same email multiple times. It is important to have a vendor handling the data that can accurately merge, and update, complicated and sensitive client records in the most intelligent way possible.

Connecting, Informing, and Engaging with Activity-Based Marketing

Most consumers today will only engage if the content they receive by email, push or SMS, etc. is tailored to them. Clearly, it is time we buried “spray and pray” marketing and embraced “activity-based marketing” which entails sending relevant, timely, marketing communications to a specific individual based on their personal utilization of products and services. How is this achieved? By the synchronizing core systems, consumer and mortgage loan origination systems, and third-party data.

Modernizing Auto Lending for Credit Unions

Credit unions need to be able to reach consumers as they are in the market for an auto loan, but not overload them with messaging. Intuvo, a marketing-automation platform built for credit unions, is designed just for that, and Jeff Shood, the company’s founder, told CU Journal it aims to understand members and send them the right offer at the right time.“The goal is to only reach out to members when the credit union actually has something to help them,” he explained. “We want to reduce the number of messages, because people are so inundated with marketing messages today.”

Mobile Mortgages and the Dawn of Hybrid Digital

Ninety percent of home buyers searched online at some point during their home buying process according to NAR (National Association of Realtors). Smartphone use continues to grow exponentially. Processes that were never expected to be available on a mobile device, such as tax returns, college applications, and medical data, are now in the repertoire of a very comfortable mobile user. These processes require a significant amount of documentation and multiple steps to successfully complete them.