Intuvo’s marketing and sales engine is designed specifically for the success of credit unions of any size. By syncing to your current core and loan origination systems (LOS) and combining marketing automation, data analytics, pre-populated content, and client relationship management (CRM) into one platform, Intuvo provides you with the tools you need to increase loan volume and member satisfaction

The Inception

10 years ago, CEO and founder Jeff Shood went to purchase his first new car. He went into a credit union, got approved, and went to pick out his new car at the dealership. 1 week later he received an advertisement in the mail from the same credit union with a new car special that was considerably lower than the rate he had received. He tried to go back to the credit union to get the lower rate, but unfortunately, they could not help him.

This completely baffled him as the credit union knew everything about him – his FICO score, credit history and more. “Why wouldn’t they have sent me a credit card offer instead?” The lightbulb went off inside his head and thus the dream of Intuvo was born.

The Creation

Jeff enlisted the help of co-founder and CTO David Buckler. They spent months in Jeff’s grandmother’s garage researching and brainstorming ideas on the perfect automated solution for credit unions to leverage their existing core and loan origination systems to reach out to their members with the appropriate messaging. Once they figured it out, they coded the entire Intuvo Mortgage Accelerator in the same garage.

The Result

Intuvo has made its mark in the industry with its marketing and sales engine. Intuvo has strived to make it their goal to help every credit union, big or small, achieve their goals whether that be increasing member satisfaction, increasing their loan volume, and/or reducing their call volume to free up the valuable time of their staff.

Intuvo has grown since the days of his grandmother’s garage, with new products, more staff, and more support. In 2015, Intuvo was acquired by CU Direct. From there, CU Direct and Intuvo have collaborated to create even more products, including a product to target indirect lending. By combining automated marketing, data analytics, content, and client relationship management (CRM) into one platform, the vision that Jeff first had is now a reality and ensures credit union are sending out the right message to the right member at the right time.