Auto Loan CaptureStay in touch with pre-approved auto loan borrowers until they're ready to buy their new car.

Successful financial institutions work to turn every lead into a new loan, but some leads require nurturing and it can be months before the borrower is ready to transact. A consumer pre-approved for a new auto loan is a perfect example.


Some borrowers search for months before they find the perfect new car for them; don’t let them forget that they have financing waiting for them with you. Intuvo’s auto loan capture solution provides everything necessary to ensure that these consumers come back to you when they are ready to buy.

Take the Right Action When the Borrower is Ready

The pre-built “New Lead” campaigns offered by Intuvo are strategically designed to deliver a consistent follow-up plan for each borrower. When the borrower’s activity indicates entry into the buy zone, marketing automation engages in a manner designed to invoke buyer action, alerting your staff of the opportunity.

Campaigns are tuned specifically to new car buyers, but can be quickly designed for any purpose with hundreds of pre-built and designed marketing messages. Reach borrowers with direct mail, email, or text to maintain control of the borrower relationship.

Follow the Timeline That Matters to Your Borrower

Your marketing department can’t know what your borrower plans to do next, but with Intuvo’s marketing automation platform and its pre-built integrations to your important technology platforms, you can know what your borrowers do as soon as they act.

Activity-based marketing is trigger marketing taken to the next level and it will alert your team when your borrower is finally ready to make their auto purchase, giving you time to engage with them and ensure loyalty before they transact.

Build stronger borrower relationships with a single platform that unifies marketing and sales.

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