Cross-SellTransform a pre-approved auto loan borrower into a new loan, with tailored auto lead nurturing campaigns.

Some borrowers search for months before they find the perfect new car for them. Don’t let them forget that they have financing waiting for them with you. Intuvo’s auto loan capture solution provides everything necessary to ensure that these borrowers come back to you when they are ready to buy.

A Complete System for Effective Cross-Selling

Intuvo’s PureData Sync tracks borrower behavior in real-time, no matter where it occurs within your financial institution. Then, that information is used to match up borrowers with pre-built campaigns ready to launch at a moment’s notice, offering your consumers exactly what they’re looking for. Whether it be home equity loan products, auto loans or home mortgage loans, become your borrower’s preferred partner.

Know which borrowers are shopping for which products and then automatically order credit bureau information to create pre-approved cross-sell offers and “pre-screen” offers from the credit bureau.

Expand Opportunities for Your Institution and Borrowers

Intuvo’s financial institution-exclusive marketing automation platform provides all the necessary components for effective cross-selling, including customizable reports and analytics. Know exactly how your marketing is performing and forecast future sales with accuracy.

Intuvo takes marketing automation far beyond traditional CRMs and MCIF systems without the time, monitoring, or maintenance required by non-FI-specific platforms. Once you’re set up, you’ll spend less than five hours a month managing the system on average.

Build Every Borrower Relationship to Increase Lifetime Customer Value

Financial institutions empowered with the right marketing technology will always be in the right position to meet their borrowers’ changing needs. Intuvo’s marketing automation platform makes cross-sell an obvious next step, for both your staff and your borrowers. The system comes complete with:

Marketing automation

Real time integration

Borrower data analysis

Multi-channel marketing

Pre-built campaigns

Intelligent data sync

Campaign personalization

Detailed analytics

Build stronger borrower relationships with a single platform that unifies marketing and sales.

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