Customer Engagement PlatformBuild stronger relationships with your borrowers with a single platform that unifies marketing and sales for effective cross-selling, higher close rates, and happier borrowers.

Increase in Automotive Purchase Closings
Increase in Cross-Sell
Increase in Mortgage Purchase Closings

Intuvo’s Customer Engagement Platform is the only financial services specific solution that provides all the tools you need.

All your borrower data, organized, cleansed and warehoused in a secure cloud

Intuvo’s PureData Sync engine enables the integration with over 90% of the Consumer LOS, Core platforms, and Mortgage LOS’s used today. More than just a simple data transfer, the PureData Sync engine:

  • Uses core data as the basis of your borrower record from systems like Symitar
  • Intelligently appends data in real time from your consumer and mortgage LOS including Lending 360, Mortgage Cadence, Meridian Link, LendingQB, Encompass, Mortgage Bot, LPS Empower, and many more
  • Provides hourly synchronization for the most up-to-date borrower profile
  • Uses a 7-step process to automatically scrub, organize, de-duplicate, and build a comprehensive profile from multiple data sources (including multiple unrelated loans in the LOS, service data, and postal address update data) for a 360-degree view of all activity.
  • Universal sync tools for other in house data sources – SQL, XML, flat files

Intuvo’s patent-pending Pure Data Sync engine is one of the most comprehensive data ETL tools in the lending industry and requires less than 20 hours from IT to implement.

Powerful data analytics anyone can use

Intuvo’s data segmentation tools are well above those provided in CRM’s such as Salesforce and marketing tools such as Marketo, yet accessible to marketing unlike traditional BI tools.

  • Easily segment across product lines, for instance, identifying borrowers with a shared account and auto loan but without credit card usage in the past 6 months.
  • Live segmentation in real time, automatically. Once a segment is defined, Intuvo monitors your database in real-time to trigger marketing actions.
  • 50 pre-built filters – get up and running quickly with pre built segments focusing on new borrower onboarding, credit card cross-sell, mortgage pull-through improvement, and automotive purchase opportunities.

Intelligent campaign automation for event-based marketing

Expand beyond basic drip campaigns to event based marketing for 40% higher response rates.

  • Easily build dynamic workflows based on live data changes to send the right offer to the right borrower at the right time
  • Automatically disable a marketing tract when a borrower takes advantage of an offer

Email, Text Messaging, Print – We Have It All

Communicating your message several times through different media channels can improve your effectiveness by up to 30%. Intuvo’s marketing automation engine delivers your message through event-based triggers through the following channels:

Print // Our variable data print service personalizes, prints and mails for you with no need for a third party vendor

Email // Easily create responsive emails that are delivered through a tracked and compliant whitelisted IP

SMS // Send SMS messages directly from a contact at your financial institutions or through your own short code

Letters // Letters are printed automatically and sent through our CRM platform

Tasks // Call scripts can be pushed to your loan officers’ Outlook, mobile device, or accessed through our CRM platform

Mobile Alerts // Can be sent in real-time through our consumer-facing mobile app

Comprehensive Reporting

Intuvo includes a reporting engine as powerful as stand alone solutions such as Power BI and Tableau.

  • Over 50 pre-built reports to be used across multiple departments, including a lending performance and marketing performance dashboard
  • Create your own custom reports to be shared across the enterprise
  • Report on both borrower data and the system’s effectiveness

Enterprise Sales Tools

Intuvo’s CRM capabilities include a Finance CRM for loan officers and new account reps. Users can:

  • Track leads, activate automated follow-up plans with full reporting for management
  • Review system generated opportunities such as mortgage refinance triggers
  • Manage tasks, borrowers, and all affiliate relationships including realtors and business contacts

Deploy fast with hundreds of pre-built components for financial institutions

  • 40 multi-channel trigger campaigns
  • 200 a/b tested, expertly designed responsive email messages
  • 100 variable data postcard templates
  • 50 out of the box segmentations to auto assign borrowers to campaigns

Marketing campaigns include:

Onboarding indirect borrowers

Cross-selling credit cards

Branch and web lead follow-up

Incomplete application follow-up campaigns

Onboarding new borrowers

Cross-selling HELOCs

Incomplete auto loan retention

Loan status update campaigns

Software to Empower the Marketing Department

It’s time to give the marketing department the tools it takes to win more business, increase the lifetime value of every borrower, and do far more than ever before with the same resources. Never before has a solution with so much power—specifically designed for use by financial institutions—been available to the market.

Powerful tools allow marketing to effectively segment their borrower base, plan and execute campaigns that get results, and then track those results for near effortless reporting. This is the platform you’ve been waiting for. Call today for a free demo.

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